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Europe Day!

April, 2020. 

We are delighted to invite you to this year’s online Book Fest 2020. All you have to do is to advertise your favourite book in a 3-minute video. Find the way to inspire us to read namely your book.
It has never been easier to take part in a contest!
1. Advertise your favourite book in a 3-minute video.
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Important dates:
The videos should be sent till April 30, 2020.
The winners will be announced on May 15, 2020.

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We do know that it’s not easy to cope with the current situation. But we have proven it’s possible. We’ve found the solution. Keep up the good work! We’ll make it through!

March 2020: Women’s History Month

So there’s a new hashtag out-there, #GenerationEquality, conveying an inspiring message to all the girls around the globe that both women and men have equal rights and opportunities. We do need empowering messages to keep realizing women’s rights worldwide, to fight for equity and justice, to live in a better world.  Patriarchy, alike matriarchy, does harm to all, as a prosperous society is the one where both women and men participate in all spheres of life, where both women and men are equally valued, where both women and men work together to solve problems. Such a society bans gender discrimination and considers exclusively people’s competences.
I know that shattering sociocultural norms is quite challenging, yet not impossible. I believe that each of us can do their best with what they have in the place they are at present to make a difference, to stop gender discrimination. Everything starts with … EDUCATION. So what we should strive for is changing the discriminatory beliefs  and values, which do nothing but hamper the progress of a functional society. The role of educators is crucial as they are the ones modeling and shaping the learners’ personalities.
I would like to live in a society that would not impose both girls and boys alike to feel and behave in certain ways based exclusively on the gender they have. I would like to live in a society that will not tell what job is appropriate for a girl and what job is appropriate for a boy. I would like to live in a society that will encourage both girls and boys alike to believe in the beauty of their dreams and encourage them to work hard to realize them.
February 27th, 2020

On February 27th, our teachers Elena Varzari and Viorica Condrat shared the skills they developed while attending the training on ways of developing intercultural education at pre-service teachers organized by Centrul Educațional Pro Didactica. They talked about the importance of mentoring in a pre-service teacher’s professional and personal development. Special emphasis was put on the role of the reflective dialogue, which appears to be the best way of boosting the mentee’s critical thinking, problem solving abilities, and self-learning.

The Facebook link to a video taken during the seminar: aici
February 16th, 2020

The teachers of the English and German Philology Department were delighted to be part of the Regional English Olympiad held at the Medical School from Balti on February 16th, 2020. They had the opportunity to discover quite a significant number of inspired young people who love English. They strongly believe that the learners’ motivation and engagement will definitely lead to success in life.

On November 19th, 2019, Adam Rosen, Fullbright scholar at USARB, invited the teachers of the English and German philology department to discuss some grammar presentation techniques to be used in the EFL classroom. His valuable experience in presenting perfect tenses was highly appreciated by our teachers.

12 noiembrie 2019
Studenții grupei GET36Z (specialitatea Limba și literatura germană și limba engleză) au prezentat raportul științific „Holocaustul din nordul Republicii Moldova”, conducător științific lect. univ., dr. Oxana Chira în cadrul Centrului de Germanistică. Beneficiarii proiectului „Vergessener Holocaust aus Transnistrien” au povestit colegilor săi și lectorilor universitari despre ghetourile din Moghilev-Podolsk, Obodovca, Berșad etc., sinagogile, monumentele istorice, cimitirele din Transnistria (Ucraina) și despre interviurile supraviețuitorii acestor lagăre. Istoriile groaznice ale Holocaustului au senzibilizat participanții de astăzi.
Atât studenții, cât și lectorii au fost implicați în dezbateri, activități didactice, simulări și studii de caz. Cuvintele cheie repetate în discuțiile protagoniștilor au fost rasism, discriminare, antisimetism, gheto, lagăr de concentrare, nazism, valori sociale etc. Studenții au demonstrat, concomitent, cunoștințe profunde de limbă germană, maturitate, seriozitate, responsabilitate civică și interes față de trecutul istoric. Participanții evenimentului de astăzi au învățat o lecție a trecutului istoric pentru a evita erorile în viitor.

The third seminar that took place on October 17th, 2019 was devoted to the development of effective communicative skills. Our presenter, Viorica Condrat, passed on the tips she got during her participation in the international summer school organized by the University of A Coruna, Spain. The event was meant to help us develop our communicative skills, on the one hand, and help us achieve success in communication.

On October 11th, 2019, our university organized the annual scientific event Colloquia Professorum. The teachers of our department shared some of the results of the research they have conducted. Their enthusiasm and passion about the work they are doing are really inspiring. The students took an active part in the discussion. We hope that they got inspired and they will follow the example of their teachers and find research an engaging and rewarding activity.

On October 3rd, 2019, Silvia Bogdan spoke to us about 3MT. Today’s meeting definitely contributed to the development of our presentation skills, on the one hand, and helped us better organize our ideas in a speech, on the other. The speaker shared the experience she gained during the international summer school at the University A Coruna from Spain.

On September 19th, 2019, Viorica Cebotaros delivered a presentation on how to write an abstract. This presentation was extremely useful for our learners and teachers who actively participated in the follow-up discussion and seemed to finally have understood the technicalities of writing the perfect abstract to their research papers. This presentation is the result of the experience Mrs. Cebotaros had during the International Summer School organized by the University A Coruna from Spain, where she attended a course devoted to Academic Writing.