Activități 2021-2022

Week 2: ABC updates

Our adventure keeps going. So, here we are, determined and motivated to get the most of this unique experience! Just like during the first week, our learners benefited from the support and feedback given by Stephan Houghton, who is on a teaching staff mobility at USARB, and Emma Lane, our ETA within the Fulbright program. 
This week our learners tried their best to report on an American or British issue in an unusual way. They took on the roles shared in a news broadcasting team. This means we were able to listen to a news program produced by our learners. We had an anchor and field reporters reporting on the selected topic. 
The task was challenging, but that only added to our learners’ motivation. At first, they researched and prepared the script for their news broadcast. Then they recorded and edited the chosen story. The final presentation took place on Friday when our learners showed their news broadcast to the rest of the class. 
We’re proud of our learners, and are extremely happy that they can benefit from such a unique experience. 
American and British Culture: Week 1
The first week set the right spirit to start our journey of discovering and understanding the cultural differences in American and British culture. Our learners did a great job managing to design posters related to one aspect of American or British culture. They communicated and collaborated throughout the process, looking for ways of presenting the American and British symbols, holidays, sports and capital cities in an interesting way. Their learning was scaffolded by two native speaker instructors, 🇬🇧 Stephan Houghton and 🇺🇸 Emma Lane as well as two instructors from our department, 🇲🇩 Viorica Cebotaros and Viorica Condrat.
Our learners did a great job. They managed to realize the set goals:
  • They got into groups and researched the chosen topic.
  • They divided the responsibilities among themselves and collaborated while designing their posters.
  • They looked for ways of making their presentations interesting.
  • They were creative, inspired, and engaged in the process.
  • They learned new things and enjoyed the process.

When asked what group work means to them they said it is like dancing or being in a relationship, where being open to the otherness in the partner is essential when it comes to coping with challenges. They were happy to make new friends and learn new things.

Course on American and British Culture

Novemebr 2 – Novemebr 18

Stephan Houghton, the staff mobility for teaching from the University of Reunion, France, has designed a course meant to help our learners develop their intercultural competence. During the tree weeks, Stephan will challenge our learners to engage in group work to do a series of tasks related to American and British topics. Our learners will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create. The process seems to be fun and engaging. They will get the necessary scaffolding from two native speaker instructors, Stephan Houghton and our Fulbright ETA, Emma Lane, as well as two instructors from our department, Viorica Cebotaros and Viorica Condrat. 
English Conversation Club
The English and German Philology Department has welcomed the English teaching assistant within the Fulbright Program Emma Lane. Emma  is a young professional willing to help and assist our teachers of English from our department as well as help our learners gain fluency in English. Together with our Department she organizes the English Conversation Club that is scheduled to take place every Thursday at 3PM. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the sessions are going to be organized either online or face-to-face in Room 401.